Welcome to Gregorian Chant

Instruction and tutoring is available for day or residential courses in Gregorian Chant in the UK and abroad. Chant days can be tailored to the individual needs of groups and materials are supplied according to the requirements of the day and the course. Workshops are available for small, parish groups who are comparatively inexperienced in the performance of the Chant, and for more expert groups who wish to improve their singing and interpretation of the Chant. Nick is also happy to work with clergy to assist them in the singing of the Mass in either the ordinary or extraordinary form.

Examples of focus areas include:

  • An introduction to Gregorian Chant
  • The rhythm of Gregorian Chant
  • An introduction to neums
  • The interpretation of expressive neums
  • An introduction to Gregorian Semiology and the work of Dom Cardine
  • The New Solesmes method
  • Singing the Mass (in either form) for priests and people
  • Singing the Divine Office

Other specific requirements can also be discussed on an individual basis.

For further details and costs please contact Nick Gale


Ash Wednesday 2010 sees the launch of the first of three educational CDs of Gregorian Chant for use in parishes. The Chant is performed by a small group of singers from the Choir of St George's Cathedral, London, under the direction of Nick Gale. Nick is a UK-based teacher of Gregorian Chant and the Director of Music at St George's Cathedral. Volume One of Cantus Angeli, (Chants of the Ordinary,) features complete performances of seven Gregorian Masses, the Ambrosian Gloria, the Asperges and Vidi Aquam, three Credos and a selection of alleluias with verses. The singers are chosen for the simplicity of their tone and the acoustic for its gentle resonance; the consequent clarity and simplicity of the performance makes the Chant accessible to the average parish and gives the CD a more pedagogical focus than most similar productions.

Jeffrey Tucker, of the Church Music Association of America, said of Volume 1:

These recordings are outstanding. I highly recommend them. The diction is perfect. The speed is zippy and natural. The clarity is unsurpassed, consistent with the great English choral tradition but applied to Gregorian music. I can't imagine that better tutorial CDs have ever come available.

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